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pretoria king chemicals

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South Africa
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At pretoria king chemicals we have all kind of services related money cleaning SSD solution . SSD Solution SSD Chemical Solution SSD Super Solution SSD Universal Solution SSD Super Automatic Solution SSD PKC58 Solution SSD Ultimate 2018 Solution Activation Powder Mercury ssd activation powder Grade A Counterfeit Currencies .We offer free deliveries worldwide


PRETORIA KING CHEMICALS,we have a team of professionals that are highly trained to handle defaced notes of all currencies and other chemicals. Technicians are trained with all methods of cleaning.( Manual & Machine ).


We offer discrete shipment to all countries in the world through a professional secret courier agency. All shipments are confidential. Chemical is shipped with user information for clients to follow the cleaning procedure.
Do you want a high quality chemical?

We have a range of high-quality chemicals for various kinds of operations ranging from poison, explosive washing, cleansing, refurbishing and cleaning. Our professionalism in this field made us the best Chemical Manufactures through out the shores of Africa. We have professional chemical engineers from most part of the world who work tirelessly in our laboratory 24/7. FOR QUOTATION Contact us at [***] or Email us at sales@pretoriakingchemicals